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Business Disputes

The attorneys at Newmark Storms are well-positioned to provide you with aggressive and cost-effective representation on your potential business dispute.

Our firm also has significant experience advising on and litigating a wide-variety of business matters. Our experience includes litigating or advising on the following types of matters:

  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Tortious Interference with an Insurance Agency’s Customers
  • Civil and Criminal RICO
  • Commercial Class Actions
  • Contract Dispute Involving Insurance Producer Agreements
  • Contract Dispute Involving IT Vendor Agreements
  • Trademark Disputes
  • Attorney General Investigations
  • Minority Owner Disputes
  • Sales Representative Disputes
  • Emergencies Requiring Applications for Preliminary Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Declaratory Judgment Actions

Entrusting your business issues with the attorneys at Newmark Storms has several advantages, particularly for employees, minority owners, sole proprietors, and small businesses. First, your case will only be handled by a senior level attorney, so you will not be billed time for bringing a less-experienced lawyer up to speed. Second, we are amenable to alternative and contingency fee arrangements for the right cases. Finally, our outstanding criminal practice gives us the expertise to practice in areas where criminal and civil law intersect (e.g., RICO). Many civil defendants have suffered because of poor decisions made during related criminal proceedings.

Please contact the attorneys at Newmark Storms at 612.455.7050 for a free consultation regarding your business matter.