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Jeff Storms
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Jeff is a lawyer who takes cases that matter and he makes them count.  Before even reaching the age of 40, Jeff was twice named one of Minnesota’s “Attorneys of the Year” by Minnesota Lawyer. His high-profile cases have garnered local and national media attention.  Jeff is one of the attorneys presently representing the next of kin of George P. Floyd, Jr. against the City of Minneapolis and the individual officers. He has been named a “Super Lawyer” every year since 2015, and regularly serves on Super Lawyer’s Blue Ribbon Panel, peer-reviewing other attorneys for the Super Lawyer distinction.  Jeff has obtained $1 Million Dollar+ recoveries for plaintiffs on matters involving sexual assault, civil rights violations, and medical malpractice.

Jeff’s legal services are sought after on corporate matters as well.   He has represented clients on high-stakes cases, including shareholder buyouts, non-compete violations, RICO violations, fraud, and other business torts.  Jeff also has internal investigation expertise, previously serving as Special Counsel.

In 2013, Jeff was named an Attorney of the Year for his work on a $3.075 Million Dollar police brutality killing of David C. Smith — one of the largest police brutality settlements in Minnesota History.   In 2018, Jeff was named an Attorney for the Year for his work on the Kendrea Johnson foster child suicide case, which resulted in a $1.5 Million Dollar settlement.  Jeff was also part of a team of class counsel who obtained a $2 Million Dollar settlement for violations of the Drivers Privacy Protection Act — this settlement was reported to be the largest DPPA settlement in U.S. History.

In 2018, Jeff accomplished the rare feat of winning at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on back-to-back days in cases stemming from Jeff’s civil rights work in North and South Dakota.  Michael v. Trevena, 2018 WL 3733563 (8th Cir. Aug. 7, 2018) (reversing D.N.D. opinion); Rokusek v. Jansen, 2018 WL 3748516 (8th Cir. Aug. 8, 2018) (affirming D.S.D. opinion).

Jeff attended the University of St. Thomas School of Law, where he graduated magna cum laude and as one of the top ten students in his class.  In Spring 2016, Jeff served as an adjunct professor at St. Thomas, teaching Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation.  Prior to Newmark Storms Dworak, Jeff was a partner at a different Minneapolis law firm.

Jeff comes from blue collar, New Jersey roots, but earned entry into the prestigious Blair Academy, where he was a Prep National Wrestling Champion for the #1 ranked high school wrestling team in the country. Jeff then attended Davidson College, graduating with honors and as the W.E.B. Dubois winner for the best sociology major in his graduating class.