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At Newmark Storms Law Office, the lawyers have a strong track record of success in both state and federal appellate courts. Successful appeals require reviewing trial court transcripts and records, writing persuasive appeals, and presenting compelling arguments on appeal before appellate judges. The Newmark Storms defense attorneys know the ability to successfully appeal cases is essential to correcting errors in the judicial system.

Appeals and Expungements

Not every case ends at judgment. Whether it’s to overturn an unjust verdict or preserve a victory, the lawyers of Newmark Storms Law Office can help with your appeal or expungement. The Minnesota criminal attorneys at Newmark Storms have extensive experience handling appeals and expungements throughout the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota.


In addition to appearing at all levels of Minnesota state and federal courts, the Minnesota lawyers at Newmark Law Office practice in neighboring states. The criminal defense attorneys at Newmark Storms handle appeals across the legal landscape, including criminal, white collar, employment, intellectual property, real estate, and other corporate matters.


The criminal trial lawyers at Newmark Storms have extensive experience handling expungements throughout the Twin Cities and all of Minnesota. As of May 2014, new Minnesota legislation greatly expanded individuals’ ability to achieve an expungement for prior convictions or a stay of imposition (“stay”). The new law allows some of those convicted of misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and some low-level felonies to get their criminal records sealed. The new legislation becomes effective January 1, 2015, but it is important to get a jump start on any expungement case processing.

Five additional categories of convictions were added to the types of crimes eligible for expungements:

There are new provisions for allowing criminal DWI convictions to be expunged. The attorneys at Newmark Storms have the ability and expertise to expunge criminal records relating to drunk-driving offenses.

The new law passed in 2014 expands the circumstances in which clients qualify for expungement of felony convictions. The lawyers at Newmark Storms Law Office can move to expunge felony verdicts for offenses such as assault, drugs, embezzlement, receiving stolen goods, theft, and more.

Gross Misdemeanors
Unlike prior to the new bill passed in 2014, gross misdemeanor offenses have new rules surrounding expungements four years following the end of the sentence.

Misdemeanors and Petty Misdemeanors
The rules around the expungement of misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor offenses were greatly expanded recently. The Newmark Storms criminal defense attorneys can expunge driving violations, disorderly conduct, and other similarly nuisance convictions.

Records Held by Private Companies and Websites
Since the new bill passed in 2014, private business screening entities who obtain criminal backgrounds are required to delete records that have been expunged. The lawyers at Newmark Storms Law Office, LLC can petition such agencies to ensure your records are delete for clean background checks.

If you need an attorney to appeal or expunge your a prior court ruling, contact tNewmark Storms here.