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Juvenile Offenses

The criminal trial attorneys at Newmark Storms have experience representing children, teens, and their parents in juvenile defense cases.

Choosing the right juvenile defense attorney for your child or teen is vital to ensure the best possible result for his or her future.

Juveniles involved in criminal activity are susceptible to long-lasting penalties that could impact the rest of their lives, including sex offender registration and other severe consequences. The Minnesota criminal attorneys from Newmark Storms can provide legal support to juveniles and their families and make sure the potential penalties don’t damage the child’s future.

Juveniles face different penalties and procedures in criminal cases than adult offenders.

Kids are impressionable and can be easily swayed by their peers. They are inexperienced in life and in decision-making, and therefore, frequently commit errors in judgment. Moreover, teenagers are sometimes in the wrong place at the wrong time and find themselves easily swept up in an arrest, even if they personally did not commit a crime. For all of these reasons, it is vital to secure legal representation for your detained child/teen before he or she speaks with criminal investigators. The attorneys at Newmark Law Office are experienced in handling juvenile cases.

While youthful offenders don’t typically face the same harsh penalties adult offenders encounter, there is still a lot at stake for your arrested son or daughter. Fortunately, the focus is on rehabilitation rather than punishment in processing young offenders. However, serious consequences can occur. Even if a child’s case stays in juvenile court, it can result in substantial fines, confinement, and—depending on the seriousness of the offense and whether or not your child is a repeat offender—even commitment to a youth detention center.