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At Newmark Storms Law Office, LLC in Minneapolis, MN, the criminal defense attorneys have substantial experience trying murder cases at both the state and federal levels.

Murder/Homicide Defense Attorneys

Being charged with any form of murder can be a terrifying experience. The team of criminal defense attorneys at Newmark Storms Law Office have experience not only trying murder cases in the court room but also working with clients to help ease the effects of a murder trial process.

There is a variety of crimes involving homicide in Minnesota, and the penalties can be very serious.

Murder in the First Degree
A first degree murder conviction results in a sentence of life in prison. A person is guilty of murder in the first degree if he or she causes the death of a

  • human during a forceful criminal sexual conduct act
  • human with intent while committing a burglary, aggravated, robbery, kidnapping, arson, or other similarly violent charges
  • peace officer or guard while the victim is on-duty
  • minor while committing child abuse
  • human while committing domestic abuse
  • human while committing, conspiring to commit, or attempting a felony crime to further terrorism

Murder in the Second Degree
Second degree murder can be intentional or unintentional. For example, an intentional murder by way of a drive-by shooting is second degree murder. However, if a person unintentionally causes the death or a human while committing an assault or other felony offense, this too is murder in the second degree. The penalty is the same either way, up to 40 years in prison.

Murder in the Third Degree
Third degree murder involves the unintentional death caused by committing an act that is eminently dangerous.

Manslaughter offenses can be first or second degree charges. Manslaughter involves murder that is either in the heat of the moment when provoked by another person or if the offender acted negligently causing the death of someone else. Penalties of a manslaughter conviction carry up to 15 years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

Criminal Vehicular Homicide
For more information about criminal vehicular homicide, please click here.

To contact a murder defense attorney at Newmark Storms, please click here. They have earned acquittals and dismissals on numerous homicide charges in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.