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White Collar

The team of defense attorneys at Newmark Storms Law Office has experience handling state and federal white collar cases.

The Newmark Storms Law Office firm has successful experience helping clients navigate white collar cases. Eric Newmark and Jill Brisbois are trusted by their peers to help other lawyers when they’re facing white collar crimes and board-related sanctions.

White collar crimes are generally non-violet and financial in nature. They usually include crimes such as

The Newmark Storms criminal defense attorneys provides counsel and representation through all aspects of white collar investigations, charges, trials, and appeals.

Money Laundering and Structuring

The criminal trial attorneys at Newmark Storms Law Office successfully handle state and federal money laundering and structuring cases. Learn More About Money Laundering and Structuring


The criminal trial lawyers at Newmark Storms Law Office, LLC have extensive knowledge and success handling state and federal fraud cases, including insurance, mortgage, and lottery fraud to wire and banking fraud. Learn More About Fraud

Tax Crimes

The criminal trial attorneys at Newmark Storms have experience trying Minnesota and Wisconsin state tax crimes and federal tax crimes, such as tax fraud and tax evasion. Learn More About Tax Crimes


The team of criminal defense lawyers at Newmark Storms has extensive experience trying many types of theft cases, from identity theft to embezzlement. Learn More About Theft

Internet Crimes

State and federal prosecutors are taking more aggressive action to punish those who have been accused of cyber crimes to combat the growing number of hacking and security breaches. Newmark Storms Law Office defense attorneys, Eric Newmark and Jill Brisbois, have experience handling tough internet crime cases in both state and federal jurisdictions. Learn More About Internet Crimes