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Money Laundering and Structuring

The criminal trial attorneys at Newmark Storms Law Office successfully handle state and federal money laundering and structuring cases.

Money Laundering
Money Laundering can be charged as either a federal or state crime. It often involves concealing the true funds of money invested in a business or deposited into a bank account surrounding illegal business activities, such as drug dealing, bribery, fraud, and other crimes. Penalties for money laundering tend to be harsh, because it’s often linked to international crimes (such as terrorism) and other serious federal crimes in order to make the business look legitimate.

Structuring crimes are similar to money laundering and can also be charged at the federal or state level. It occurs when a company dividing its earnings into payments that are less than $10,000 to evade federal reporting requirements. The federal statute of limitations on structuring cases is generally five years, unless it somehow resulted in a capital crime (murder), which is unlikely.

Both money laundering and structuring are very serious crimes. If you, a loved one, or your business is being investigated on the grounds of either crime, it is imperative to seek representation from a seasoned white collar defense attorney, such as Newmark Storms Law Office. Click here to request a call back from a criminal trial lawyer.